Once you master how to apply the system of Taamim to your reading, you will be able to pick up any text and read it with the proper tune, punctuation and pronunciation, that is, with spice and flavor!

I am going to show you how to do that in three, simple steps. We will focus on the Baghdadi Parasha but you can apply it to any Taamim.

  1. Memorize the names and tunes of the Taamim here.
  2. Listen to just the Taamin sung for a few lines of Parasha here.
  3. Now listen to the actual Parasha sung to the tune and rhythm of the Taamim here.

Download a printable version of the Taamim in Adobe Acrobat format to refer to as you practice.

6 comments on “Tutorial
  1. Louise Elias says:

    Hi Saeed, I just discovered your “Yom Kippur”, recorded it on my phone and played it all day. It is truly lovely. Thank you for giving of yourself with such care.
    I look forward to hearing your “Hallel” one day soon.

  2. Michael Flash says:

    Your site is wonderful. Your S&P rendition of Matot is a very nice rendition of the regular ta’ngamim, however, S&P use a special melody we call depuranita for the 3 haftarot preceding Tisha B’Ab. Thank you for your work.

  3. asher Moses says:


    I must sa I am so happy I stumbled on your site

    Can I have an email address for you and a fone number please
    My father was teh hazzan of Gan eden synagogue in London ad want to ask you some very important questions re tamim

  4. Elon Anderson says:

    I was just wondering if you could put up the rest of the pashiot so that I can read mine.
    Thank you,
    Elon Anderson

  5. Geoffrey Anderson says:

    Hello Saeed,
    Very nice new version of your site. On your old site you had a way to download your recordings. Can that still be done?

  6. Bernardo Pérez Ferreyra says:

    My name is Bernardo Pérez Ferreyra from México, currently performed as a reading of Israelí form, I am strongly inclined to Portuguese Spanish intonation because my ancestors came from there.
    I am grateful to Adonenu for put in your heart this great work, which I personally have been a blessing and helped in my personal ministry, I know which differ somewhat Baghdad intonations of the Spanish Portuguese, if Abinu permits and put in your heart that the intonation as Baghdad, placed on its website for the basics of Taamim Megillah, Parasha and others materials that you consider relevant as a special favor in this work in the service to ElShaday?
    I want to learn properly as Elohenu deserves, if He wants, can I teach others that have hunger and thirst for sacred things do best.
    I leave thanking Elohenu for your life and the will that Him put in you for this great work!!
    Brachot U Shalom!!

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